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Casa Beiramar


September 2014
Ebola is very far away from Cabo Verde - there is no Ebola in Cabo Verde.
Senegal notice no Ebola anymore.
Just in case the borders to Cabo Verde are closed for people from countries with Ebola 
June 2014
now Casa Beiramar is the No. 1 on Fogo Island.
see the reviews on   www.tripadvisor.de   and   www.holidaycheck.de
July 2012 
Casa Beiramar is one of  the 10 best hotels on the Cape Verde Islands -  thanks to our guests for their positive feedback. 
original report  reisen.t-online.de
April 2012 
from November 2012, Condor will fly again to the Cape Verde Islands (Sal + Boa Vista) 
February 2012 
the low cost airline TUIfly offers cheap flights for travelers in a new "2 for 1". Passengers can book online the flight for up to 8 people. Each 2nd traveler automatically have nothing to pay. 
March 2011 
the first reviews of Casa Beiramar are online:  www.holidaycheck.de      www.tripadvisor.de